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ECA now offering nearshore services
2013-11-30 11:57:06

ECA has being offering outsourcing services to customers in Puerto Rico since 2003 and with the "Export Initiative" launched last year, it is incorporating the offering of nearshore services.

As an experienced specialist in both IT outsourcing and selective Business Process Outsourcing, the company has developed the depth and focus needed to act as a mature and responsive outsourcing partner.

As offshore providers it will provide the facilities and resources for the design, development, implementation and maintenance of customer or partner projects. We believe that establishing healthy relationships with our clients is vital to the success of our business. Many clients fear that outsourcing their IT Services, Business Processes or development projects will affect the quality of their end product which in turn will affect the image of their company.

ECA has carefully analyzed the major factors affecting the positive outcome of a nearshore operation and therefore, has developed different models to ensure clients' satisfaction.  We encourage you to contact ECA and let them know about your project plans and you will see their enthusiasm of working with you so you achieve the best results possible.

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